Pre School

◉ Angry Bird Bean Bag Toss - Pre K3(年少)

Throw beanbags at Angry Bird targets to get points.

◉ Its In The Bucket - Pre K4(年中)

Buckets are set up with each containing a prize. Players try throwing bean bags

into one of the buckets and win the prize that’s in the bucket.

◉ Balloon Blow Up (or Pop) Race - Kindergarten(年長)

Two students will compete using bicycle pumps to blow up their balloon until it

flies off the pump. (Or maybe until it pops.) First to blow off or pop wins!

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Elementary School

◉ Water Gun Cans - Grade 1(1年生)

Shoot down cans to win points and a prize using water guns. 

◉ Tic-Tac-Toe with Hula Hoops - Grade 2-a(2年生)

Challenge your opponent to get three vertical/horizontal/diagonal hula hoops in

a row.

◉ Football Bowling - Grade 2-b(2年生)

Kick a ball and try to knock down skittles.

◉ Bowling - Grade 3(3年生)

Roll balls and try to knock down skittles.

◉ Whack-a-mole - Grade 4(4年生)

Players use a mallet to try to hit as many moles as possible in 1 minute.

◉ Mystery String Pull - Grade 5(5年生)

Pull a string and they may win a prize.

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Middle School

◉ Struck out - Grade 6(6年生)

Hit a number with a soft ball to win a prize.

◉ Nintendo Switch Game - Grade 7(7年生)

A game featuring the new Switch console! 

◉ Ping Pong Target Shooting - Grade 8(8年生)

Try to aim at targets and hit a ping pong ball at them.

◉ Lock Up (to be held in classroom) - Grade 9(9年生)

Players solve a series of clues in a classroom in order to be released. Players

sign up for time slots in order to take on the challenge.

◉ Frisbee Target Shooting - Grade 10(10年生)

Throw the Frisbees through a hoop to win prizes.

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High School

◉ Penalty Shoot Out - Grade 11(11年生)

Score a penalty shot against the goalie to win a prize.

◉ Hit the seniors! - Grade 12(12年生)

Water balloons war! Throw water balloons at your favorite senior.

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